By Autori on May 23, 2024

Earn by taking photos of culverts in Sotkamo, Finland

Earn by taking photos of culverts in Sotkamo, Finland

In Sotkamo, a collaborative effort between the Finnish Transport Infrastructure Agency and Autori is pioneering crowd-sourced culvert mapping. Now, anyone can earn by capturing images of culverts on the Crowdsorsa app's map.

Earn by taking photos of culverts in Sotkamo

On Friday, May 24th at 9 am, you can easily participate in the culvert mapping by downloading the Crowdsorsa app for free on your smartphone. Users of the app can freely roam around Sotkamo in the designated areas, searching for and capturing images of private driveway culverts. Each new observation is rewarded with two (2) euros per participant. The app shows which culverts have been photographed and in which direction there are still uncharted areas. Photos are taken from both ends of the culvert, with the midpoint marked as its location.

Using the Crowdsorsa app, you can make a tangible impact on the surrounding community while enjoying the great outdoors. This crowd-sourced data collection speeds up the image capturing process significantly, allowing for efficient collection of comprehensive information over a wide area. Participants can work together to quickly and effectively map a large number of culverts, providing precise and up-to-date information on private driveway pipes. This innovative data collection method is fast and cost-effective in obtaining the necessary information and image material, all while participants can earn money by assisting the entire community.

Based on previous experiences and collaboration, the necessary image material is collected rapidly. It is important for road users to prioritize safety and avoid causing inconvenience to other users. The Finnish Transport Infrastructure Agency's announcement emphasizes the recommendation for pedestrians to wear reflective vests.


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Published by Autori May 23, 2024