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Finland is the world's leading country in utilizing digital solutions in transportation

Autori Solutions

Finland is the world's leading country in utilizing digital solutions in transportation. Our company has been the forerunner for years in developing digital solutions for managing road and street workflows, and in electricity distribution maintenance.

We provide users the possibility to utilize verified work management solutions for different applications in road and street maintenance and electricity distribution maintenance. Our long experience and development of the Autori platform guarantees best of breed tools to run your operations with digital solutions for different application areas.

Flexible software tools

A cutting-edge and secure solution that operates on the Microsoft Azure cloud service. With advanced and all-inclusive features, our solutions empower businesses across various industries with efficient maintenance and asset management capabilities.

Autori Field Tools and Autori Vista are the essential working tools offered by the platform. Field Tools encompass a comprehensive suite of applications tailored to meet diverse work management requirements. Meanwhile, Vista provides a robust solution for leveraging 2D and 360-degree images in asset and infrastructure management. What sets us apart is the seamless integration between Field Tools and Vista, enabling agile task management with the utilization of images.

Experience the power of the Autori platform, a cutting-edge and secure solution that operates on the Microsoft Azure cloud service
Flexible software tools

To enhance infrastructure maintenance efficiency, our solutions integrate with other IT systems and IoT sensors. Through system integrations and task-specific functionalities, our customers gain improved operational capabilities and real-time insights into road and street maintenance, as well as utility grid maintenance.

For our valued customers, we have developed user-friendly services that simplify the management of their Autori solutions and user credentials. Additionally, our Help Center offers support for day-to-day usage challenges, ensuring a smooth experience.

We collaborate closely with our customers to develop industry- and task-specific products. Moreover, we offer customization options to tailor functionalities according to their specific needs.

Discover the comprehensive solutions available through Autori Field Tools and Autori Vista pages.

How to use Autori Solutions?

Owners of Assets and Infrastructure

Authorities in charge of road and street maintenance use Autori in different ways depending on their needs and tasks. Also asset management of Utility Grid companies benefits of Autori solutions.


Contractors use Autori solutions to manage the initial data of contracts, plan procedures, assigning work to employees and record work performance in the field, as well as compile all data, communicate both within companies and between different actors, right up to the final reporting.



Consultants use Autori when planning maintenance, pavement and road marking activities as well as when supervising that performed work is made efficiently and that it corresponds to the requirements of the end customer.

Utility Grid companies

Take advantage of Autori's service for inventorying assets and maintaining data through maintenance.

Persons responsible for road safety

For safety monitoring of road construction sites and maintenance projects

Quality control

A simple and attractive interface with easy to use features that immediately highlights the points of attention for preventive management.

Software solutions based on Autori Field Tools and Autori Vista

Care of roads and streets

Road and street maintenance

Quality assurance

Power grid maintenance

Image capturing projects

For the year-round maintenance of roads and streets

The only software you need to boost efficiency in daily road care operations. It offers versatily routing functions, ease of reporting, supportive integrations and possibility to use 360-, still-, or drone-images for work reporting or planning.

Sector-specific Autori information services offer the necessary features for maintenance parties in terms of road and asset management, planning of actions, work supervision, monitoring of maintenance, and reporting of progress.

For all road maintenance operations

Autori offers comprehensive services for road and street maintenance. Our industry-specific information services provide the necessary features for the parties involved in maintenance to manage roads, assets, or plan actions, supervise work, and report on progress.

Road and street maintenance software for pavement, road marking, street lighting and work management.

Inventory and quality assurance of roads and streets

Our software are widely used for the design of maintenance, paving, and road marking, as well as for quality control of maintenance projects, ensuring that the work is efficient and meets the client's needs and the requirements set in competitive bidding.

 Quality assurance by authorities  and consultants

Power grid maintenance

Autori Power Grid Maintenance service offers a versatile toolkit for the maintenance of power distribution networks, facilitating seamless collaboration between electricity network companies and contractors.

The software has been developed for more efficient work supervision in the maintenance of electric networks. This comprehensive solution includes a web service for managing orders, work supervision, approval of records, and invoicing in the office, as well as a mobile application for field work and reporting.

Manage image capturing projects

Our image management service provides solutions for planning and executing photo shoots in the field, as well as uploading photos to the platform. The service also includes a storage and map-based photo viewing service.

  Our image management service provides solutions for planning and executing photo shoots in the field, as well as uploading photos to the platform. The service also includes a storage and map-based photo viewing service.
Efficient Workflow with Autori Solutions

Efficient Workflow with Autori Solutions

 Autori Solutions provide robust tools to streamline every phase of your workflow. From planning daily tasks to managing maintenance works, Autori empowers you both in the office and in the field. Leveraging images through Vista amplifies your efficiency even further.

During task execution, our Mobile App equips you with work management tools and provides all the necessary information required for your daily operations.

Reporting your work efforts becomes effortless, as tasks are reported immediately upon completion, and additional data is collected through API interfaces from IoT devices.

When it comes to analyzing the collected data, Autori offers a versatile set of tools that enable the utilization of maps and images. Furthermore, relevant data can be seamlessly transferred to third-party business intelligence (BI) tools.

Sharing and transferring data is hassle-free with Autori. Export tools integrated with Office enable easy data transfer to other solutions. Moreover, for parties without access to the Autori Solution, data can be conveniently shared through shared view functionality.

Autori Vista on PC and Autori Field Tools on a mobile device

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  • Needs smart solutions for real-time situation awareness in street and road maintenance
  • Wants to visualize remote assets and plan maintenance
  • Needs to manage and utilize 360 and 2D imagery

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