Autori Field Tools

Consisting of Field Tools Office and Field Tools Mobile, it offers road maintenance and management software for both desk and field work

Field Tools with Vista for road and street maintenance and work or asset management

Software-led maintenance

Efficiency is greatly increased with Autori Field Tools software in maintenance and asset management operations. Tasks are accomplished faster with higher quality according to our customers.

Field Tools Office for planning and supervising

The implementation of Autori Office leads to a boost in efficiency for maintenance and asset management operations, resulting in tasks being completed swiftly and with enhanced quality.

Field Tools for various road and asset or work management maintenance needs

Field Tools Mobile for field work

Create registrations, do assigned work, drive pre-planned routes and much more with our easy-to-use mobile app.

This is Autori Field Tools software

Our super solution has all the applications required for different kind of work management requirements.

Works at offices as well as on the field

Solutions for office and field

With our Office tool, you can manage operations efficiently and our mobile app offers all the essential services you need to carry out your daily operations smoothly.

Enables you to see your assigned tasks their current status and the action routes in real-time

Status updates in real-time

Autori Field Tools ensures that you stay updated in your daily operations. You can easily see your assigned tasks, their status and the action routes in real-time.

Device integrations road maintenance street view iot electricity 360-images


Our solutions can be integrated with external IT systems, terminals and systems such as salting spreader information, road marking devices, and traffic measurement devices.

Simple reporting in road maintenance

Simple reporting

The reporting tools are easy to use and cover comprehensive report solutions for internal and external needs.  Operational information can be share internally and externally by e-mail through dynamic views. 

Images in operations road maintenance street view

Utilize images in operations

Autori Vista integration provides access to images which can be used as a valuable resource for various office tasks such as making observations, managing inventory, creating and assigning tasks, and organizing day-to-day operations.


Field work road maintenance and 360-images

Manage route planning

With the map-based application, you can easily plan and optimize your project work and driving routes right from your office. This tool is also useful for photographers as it helps them navigate the terrain as per the plan.


Learn how you could benefit of Field Tools

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Field Tools Office



Create work orders

Manage users and user groups

Customizable interface

Real-time dashboards for your organization

Comprehensive work management features

Supports integrations for other systems

Advanced route planning

Field Tools Mobile



Create observations on the go

Location-based registrations on the map

Customize the buttons

Get work orders and mark work as done

Over 7000 users

Solutions based on Autori Field Tools

Care of roads and streets

Road and street maintenance

Quality assurance

Power grid maintenance

For the year-round maintenance of roads and streets

The only software you need to boost efficiency in daily road care operations. It offers versatily routing functions, ease of reporting, supportive integrations and possibility to use 360-, still-, or drone-images for work reporting or planning.

Sector-specific Autori information services offer the necessary features for maintenance parties in terms of road and asset management, planning of actions, work supervision, monitoring of maintenance, and reporting of progress.

For all road maintenance operations

Autori offers comprehensive services for road and street maintenance. Our industry-specific information services provide the necessary features for the parties involved in maintenance to manage roads, assets, or plan actions, supervise work, and report on progress.

Road and street maintenance software for pavement, road marking, street lighting and work management.

Inventory and quality assurance of roads and streets

Our software are widely used for the design of maintenance, paving, and road marking, as well as for quality control of maintenance projects, ensuring that the work is efficient and meets the client's needs and the requirements set in competitive bidding.

 Quality assurance by authorities  and consultants

Power grid maintenance

Autori Power Grid Maintenance service offers a versatile toolkit for the maintenance of power distribution networks, facilitating seamless collaboration between electricity network companies and contractors.

The software has been developed for more efficient work supervision in the maintenance of electric networks. This comprehensive solution includes a web service for managing orders, work supervision, approval of records, and invoicing in the office, as well as a mobile application for field work and reporting.

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This is for everyone who:

  • Needs smart solutions for real-time situation awareness in street and road maintenance
  • Wants to visualize remote assets and plan maintenance
  • Needs to manage and utilize 360 and 2D imagery

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