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Customer verified Autori Field Tools for operational real-time transparency

Autori Field Tools provides real-time asset management and inventory maintenance for different fields of road and electricity management, road marking, winter maintenance and more.

How will Autori Solutions help you?

With Autori Field Tools the efficiency increased in maintenance and asset management operations, and tasks were accomplished faster with higher quality.

Some comments from our customers

Real-time data

"We were able to considerably improve our  maintenance and asset management in operations regarding the infrastructure. Both work management and reporting worked seamlessly in real time. We managed to operate more efficiently, and through transparency, and offered and an even better service to our customers."

Data to support fast decision making

"Our operations have become more clear and more efficient, while the meaningfulness of our work has improved considerably. Efficiency has increased dramatically without jeopardizing safety."

Transparency in operations

"In field operations, getting the necessary real-time information to the right people in the right place, is crucial for our operational efficiency."

This is Autori Field Tools

Our super solution has all the applications required for different kind of work management requirements.

Building Office Environment describing Autori platform of 360 image viewer and road maintenance and work management.
Works at offices as well as on the fields

Our services have been optimized to cater to specific tasks in both the web and mobile environments. With our Office tool, you can manage operations efficiently and access versatile reporting features. Additionally, you can customize your dashboard to include all the key services you require. On the other hand, our mobile app offers all the essential services you need to carry out your daily operations smoothly.

Real-time status sharing on Autori platform of 360 image viewer and road maintenance and work management.
Sharing status updates in real-time on a map

Autori Field Tools ensures that you stay updated in your daily operations. It enables you to see your assigned tasks, their current status, and the action routes in real-time.

Device integrations with Autori platform of 360 image viewer and road maintenance and work management.
Device and solution integrations

There are REST API interfaces available that can be integrated with external IT systems. These interfaces can also be integrated with external terminals and systems such as salting spreader information, road marking devices, and traffic measurement devices.

Simple reporting with Autori platform of 360 image viewer and road maintenance and work management.
Simpler reporting

The reporting tools are easy to use and cover comprehensive report solutions for internal and external needs.  Operational information can be share internally and externally by e-mail through dynamic views. 

Use images in operations with Autori platform of 360 image viewer and road maintenance and work management.
Utilize images in operations

Autori Vista provides access to images which can be used as a valuable resource for various office tasks such as making observations, managing inventory, creating and assigning tasks, and organizing day-to-day operations. These images serve as a great aid in facilitating these tasks effectively.

Manage route planning in projects
With the map-based application, you can easily plan and optimize your project work and driving routes right from your office. This tool is especially useful for photographers as it helps them navigate the terrain as per the plan, thus enhancing their performance and making the roads safer for everyone. By improving the driver's work, the solution also contributes to better traffic safety.

Why Autori Field Tools?

With access to real-time data, Autori Field Tools helps contractors, authorities and consultants get better understanding of roads, streets and other assets statuses. This way it is possible to prevent wrong interpretations and create powerful value to infrastructure maintenance and asset management.


Services for asset management challenges

Autori platform makes asset management more effective. Autori helps to visualize your infrastructure on your screen, enabling quality assurance, inventory, and work flow management. 


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This is for you if you're the type of person who:

  • Needs smart solutions for real-time situation awareness in street and road maintenance
  • Wants to visualize remote assets and plan maintenance
  • Needs to manage and utilize 360 and 2D imagery

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