Autori Vista

Map based, private 360 image management solution for infrastructure management

For infrastructure maintenance challenges

Vista makes asset management more effective. It helps to visualize your infrastructure on a screen enabling remote quality assurance, inventory and work flow management. 

 Comprehensive asset management

For comprehensive asset management

Images will bring you 100% understanding of the status of your assets and how maintenance works are accomplished. The beginning and the end of maintenance projects can be easily reported with the images.

Inventory work and traffic arrangement in big road construction and maintenance projects are easy to supervise from the images.

Fluid work management

Easily create detailed observations, work orders, and access a wide range of additional features within our intuitive image viewer. 


Fluid work management with location-based images

Some of the top features

Vista has all the features you need for road and street maintenance or infrastructure maintenance.

Store wide range of images

Store wide range of images

Store images that have GPS-data and view them anytime on a regular web browser.

Images in daily work

Images in daily work

With integration to Autori Field Tools, Vista can be utilized in the maintenance and planning operations of roads, streets and other infrastructure.

Image viewer and publishing service

View and publish images

Map-based viewer lets you see and explore roads and any kind of infra that has been captured. Upload images to the cloud and publish to a variety of viewing services.

+ many more

+ many more

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Be ahead of your competitors

Our Vista image viewer is ahead of its time. Combined with our Field Tools applications the possibilities are limitless.

Infrastructure maintenance and asset management

Image-based damage detection and asset management to boost efficiency and operational safety.

Images as a baseline

Images can be used as initial information in road and street maintenance and work planning. They are useful for remote diagnosis of affect issues, reducing costs, carbon footprint and enabling faster decision-making.

Assignments from images

Easily create assignments and work orders from images. You can crop a portion of a 360-image or add the whole image as an attachment with location info.

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Millions of images stored

We have stored over a million images and the amount is growing every day. Join us now for a smarter outcome.