By Autori on December 19, 2023

Image data from start of the daily road maintenance contract pays off!

Image data from start of the daily road maintenance contract pays off!
Collecting initial image data in the start of a road maintenance contract

Have you ever thought of collecting images on the contract area before starting the new contract? Would before and after images be useful if documented?

We outlined some of the main reasons to justify collecting initial image data on a daily road and street maintenance contract area at early stage:

1. Documenting baseline Information: Initial image data provides baseline information about the condition of the roads at the start of the contract. This data can be used as a reference point to assess the changes in the road condition over time.

2. Prioritizing activities: It helps in planning the maintenance activities efficiently. By knowing the current state of the roads, the contractor can prioritize which areas need immediate attention and which ones can be scheduled for later.

3. Budget Allocation: It helps in estimating the cost of maintenance and thus assists in budget allocation. Accurate and good quality imagery can help identify the severity of road damages, which can then be used to estimate the required resources and costs.

4. Monitoring Progress: It allows for tracking the progress of maintenance work. By comparing the before and after images, the contractor can assess the quality and effectiveness of the maintenance work.

5. Dispute Resolution: In case of any disputes regarding the road conditions, the initial image data can serve as proof of the state of the roads at the beginning of the contract. One image can save you significant sum, when avoiding potential disputes.

In short, initial image data helps the contractor in managing the maintenance contract effectively by providing critical information for planning, budgeting, monitoring and dispute resolution. It ensures transparency between the contractor and the client and aids in delivering a high-quality service.

Autori provides easy to use and efficient tools for asset management and collecting initial image data on starting contract area. We have profound and hands on know-how on the image capturing process. We have experience on best practices on image capturing phase, but also provide efficient tools to process the images to be ready to used in Autori Vista. Autori Vista is probably the most visual and simple to use image viewer on the market that helps you manage and find your images in seconds whenever needed.


One image can save you hundreds of thousands!


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Published by Autori December 19, 2023