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Leveraging 360-degree and still images in Road Maintenance operations

Leveraging 360-degree and still images in Road Maintenance operations

When it comes to work management in road maintenance, 360-degree images and still images can play an important role. They can be used to improve decision-making, enhance communication and visualize road assets and contract areas. Here are three main points that outline the benefits of utilizing these imaging technologies in road maintenance work management:

Leveraging 360-degree and still images in Road Maintenance operations
  1. Optimized workflow and efficiency
    - 360-degree images can enable maintenance teams to view the entirety of a road segment in a single image, which can be particularly useful for planning maintenance workflows and coordinating tasks. Teams can virtually "visit" multiple sites in a short time, saving time and reducing the need for on-site inspections.

    - Still images can be used to document the before-and-after status of a road maintenance job, providing clear evidence of completedwork. This can boost the process of quality control and help in the efficient management of follow-up tasks.

  2. Data-driven maintenance decisions
    - The comprehensive nature of 360-degree images allows for a better understanding of the road environment, which can be integrated with Geographic Information Systems (GIS) and asset management software to create a data-rich, visual representation of the road network. This helps in making informed decisions about where to focus maintenance efforts.

    - Still images can be used with metadata such as location, time, and date, and be associated with specific maintenance activities. This creates a database that can be analyzed to identify trends, predict future maintenance needs, and allocate resources more effectively.

  3. Enhanced communication and reporting
    - 360-degree images provide an immersive experience that can be used for effective communication with stakeholders, including government officials, contractors, and the public. By virtually showing the condition of the roads, it becomes easier to justify maintenance work and budget allocations.

    - Still images serve as a powerful tool for reporting and documentation purposes. They can be included in maintenance reports to provide visual evidence of the issues addressed, thereby increasing transparency and accountability in the work management process.


Using 360-degree and still imagery in road maintenance work management systems, maintenance operators can positively change the way they work. The advanced imaging technologies not only increase efficiency but also elevate the standards of road safety and quality to new heights. With a comprehensive view of road segments provided by 360-degree images, maintenance teams can strategize and execute their workflows with precision and speed. This streamlined approach not only saves time but also minimizes the need for extensive on-site inspections, resulting in optimized resource utilization.

The use of images to document maintenance activities facilitates a clear before-and-after comparison, aiding in quality control and ensuring that all tasks are completed to the highest standards. By harnessing the power of data-rich visual representations created through the integration of 360-degree images with GIS and asset management software, maintenance departments can make data-driven decisions on prioritizing maintenance efforts and allocating resources effectively.

Using 360-degree and still images with a location based map boosts road maintenance and road asset management
1 Using 360-degree and still images with a location based map boosts road maintenance and road asset management operations remarkably.
Autori branded Toyota with an Insta360 camera.
2 We have an extensive experience of image capturing projects and storing them securely on our private image viewer, Vista, and Google StreetView.


360-degree images provide a better view onto the surroundings and makes communication with stakeholders easier, creating better transparency and understanding of the maintenance work being carried out. These visual tools not only justify the necessity of maintenance projects but also facilitate budget allocations based on tangible evidence. Additionally, the inclusion of still images in maintenance reports provides a compelling visual narrative of the work completed, proves accountability and showcasese the commitment to maintaining road safety and quality standards.

Autori provides solutions where work management and 360-degree and still images or, for example drone images, can be combined in an effective way. Easy to use software tools provides many benefits for users. Our software harnesses location-based images and lets users create observations and finish work orders in the workfield or on an interactive map using images as a baseline. Autori is market leading solution provider of road maintenance and image management solutions. Our customers consists mainly of authorities, contractors and consultants and we are always ready for new challenges.  Contact us and we can discuss more about what we can do for you.

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