Manage image capturing projects

A complete package for managing and tracking your image capturing project.

For comprehensive management of imaging projects

For comprehensive management of imaging projects

Autori's image management service provides solutions for planning and executing photo shoots in the field, as well as uploading photos to the platform. The service also includes a storage and map-based photo viewing service.

With Autori Vista, you can publish desired 360-degree photos to Google Street View for public use. Alternatively, Vista's image management service is also perfect for situations where the captured photo material is quickly needed for personal viewing.

It is an excellent tool for comprehensive image viewing and management solutions for infrastructure, as well as supporting operations management. Use cases include roads, streets, railways, ports, wind farms, tourist centers, hiking trails, and other large industrial areas and infrastructure pathways.

Autori Vista's image management service offers a flexible and open service solution that supports various needs and cameras, such as 360-degree cameras, dash cameras, action cameras, and drones.

Autori route planning and work management solution

The service offered includes a route planning and supervision service for management, as well as a mobile application designed for photographers.

With Vista's route planning service, management can create and distribute route plans for photographers using a map view. The supervision service provides real-time updates on the progress of the assignments for management. These services can be used to manage individual location or street photography projects, as well as large-scale projects spanning multiple countries, where the work of multiple photographers needs to be coordinated simultaneously. During real-time monitoring, necessary route changes and new assignments can be made flexibly. Reporting tools support real-time tracking as well as post-analysis of photography costs and time usage.

The mobile application serves as a personal tool for photographers in the field. It provides a clear view of their location and assigned photography targets on a map. This map-based service helps photographers navigate according to the photography plan, enhancing their work efficiency and improving traffic safety.

Autori route planning and work management solution
With Autori's publishing service, you can effortlessly upload your image material to the cloud

Publishing service

With Autori's publishing service, you can effortlessly upload your image material to the cloud and share it across various agreed-upon environments and image viewing platforms. Our publishing service also allows you to upload previously captured material from different devices. Whether you have new or existing image material, our publishing service is perfect for storing, processing, and refining your content. We have the capability to handle still and video formats, as well as flat and 360-degree image content.

Our publishing service automatically processes and enhances your image material. It can classify the content based on metadata and even add additional information, such as attaching street and address data to the material.

Users have the option to download their own content from the service as a zip package. Additionally, thanks to our long-standing Google Trusted Partner collaboration, we have the opportunity to publish large quantities of 360-degree images to Google Street View. This means that not only maintenance professionals, but all users of the Google Street View mapping service can benefit from public image material.

Furthermore, our publishing service can provide users with image storage. Our customer-specific image storage service is located in a secure and fault-tolerant Microsoft Azure cloud environment.

Why Autori Vista?

Autori Vista gives the power of image when an illustrative view is needed. Maintenance tasks and assets down in the roads are not just an objects on your task list – Users can now see the objects and how they affect to their environments. Image gives the extra help in preparation for work and is a tool for prioritize tasks based on what user sees.

Autori Vista gives the power of image when an illustrative view is needed

Services for asset management challenges

Autori platform makes asset management more effective. Autori helps to visualize your infrastructure on your screen enabling quality assurance, inventory and work flow management. 

Autori Vista in use

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This is for everyone who:

  • Needs smart solutions for real-time situation awareness in street and road maintenance
  • Wants to visualize remote assets and plan maintenance
  • Needs to manage and utilize 360 and 2D imagery

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