Where it all started

Explore the beginnings of us as a company and the journey that brought us to where we are today.

Autori's history in nutshell

All started in 1988....


In the Beginning

In 1990, Matti Pikkarainen's diploma thesis for the Oulu road district was completed on the subject of road maintenance planning expert system. Matti's work was excellent and he was awarded with a national honorable mention. A couple of years before completing his diploma thesis, Matti had already founded a company called Datamat Oy in Oulu and attracted the university's most advanced programming students to work. The name was soon changed to Tietomekka Oy and Matti's dream of developing a more comprehensive road management control expert system came true and soon the entire Road Administration adopted the system.

Tietomekka kommunikaattori

Ahead of its time

Mobile internet also revolutionized Autori's solutions at the turn of the millennium. The Autori application was released for the Nokian Communicator model, which enabled completely new features for field work. The use of the application quickly expanded to use by road maintenance authorities and contractors.


Top of class skilled team

The rapid development of the features and data connections of mobile devices supported the development of Autori's new generation solutions, and a continuation of new Autori solutions was born for the T&M product family. Autori's solutions became known for their technological progress and user-friendliness, and Autori's customers also appreciated the know-how of our experts in their industry and processes. Communication was smooth through a common language and the customers' development ideas were refined into solutions into new great features.

1988 - 2023

Boosting stronger as Autori

The company changed its name from Tietomekka to Autori in 2018, i.e. to a brand name that had been in use since the beginning of the millennium. The author's story continues in Oulu, Matti's school years and dreams created a solid foundation for the company, where the digitalization of customers' operations, making operations more efficient and developing the meaning of work are at the core.

Autori-platform-with digital solutions for managing road and street workflows and 360 or 2D images or other visual assets_wide

Smarter outcome

Operational control of road maintenance on Finnish roads is still one of our key solutions, but over the years our operations have become international and more industries have been added. Today, the company has customers in Sweden and the USA in addition to Finland, and we offer solutions for operational management of road and street maintenance and electrical grids. In all our solutions, the Autori system acts as a platform and utilizes the secure and continuously developing Microsoft Azure cloud service.