Road and street maintenance

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Road maintenance software

Autori offers comprehensive services for road and street maintenance. Our industry-specific information services provide the necessary features for the parties involved in maintenance to manage roads, assets, or plan actions, supervise work, and report on progress. Feel free to ask us more about our software tools.

Proficient work and road asset management

Drawing on our extensive experience, we cover all aspects of road maintenance. We have developed a service for regional contractors that includes data collection, work guidance and monitoring, and reporting for basic maintenance contracts.

Additionally, we have designed and developed our own service for paving contractors, covering road, street, and private site paving and patching projects. There is also a dedicated service for road markings, facilitating planning, site management, work supervision, and monitoring.


Paving and patching software

Autori Pavement has been developed for pavement and repair contractors for public or private roads and street. It enables contractors to effectively manage projects and gain a better overview of different project sites. Through its versatile map view, project managers can efficiently direct their work teams.

Planning for paving and repair activities is made easier with functions specifically designed for their needs, for example pothole patching. Using the applications map view, contractors can easily select additional information such as project boundaries, pavement types, years, work methods and culvert details. Weather information and live webcam images can be viewed on the map with just a click.

Device integrations road maintenance pavement and patching

Boosting efficiency

Contractors can easily select additional information on an interactive map. Information such as contract boundaries, pavement types, years and methods and culvert details.
Simple reporting for road maintenance and pavement and patching

Real-time situation data

Operations become more efficient and the overview of projects improves when all actions taken, quantities used, reports, and site diaries are recorded in the field using task and contract optimized functions.

efficiency in road maintenance with integrations

Supportive integrations

Thanks to the integrations and real-time information sharing, work supervision, monitoring and reporting significantly improve while enhancing the meaningfulness of the work.

Field Tools for various road and asset or work management maintenance needs
  • User-friendly features, tailored precisely for every unique task and project

  • Integration to Harja (by Finnish Transport Infrastructure Agency) and real-time data sharing enables project supervision, monitoring, and reporting

  • For municipal repair projects, clients can independently plan repair locations and actions, place orders based on the plans, and track the progress of their orders in real-time.
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Road marking software

The users of Autori Road marking product are the clients responsible for road markings, road marking asset management, project managers, supervisors and contractor's employees.

In the development of Autori Road marking product, the extensive experience of Autori in road marking design, project management, supervision, and monitoring needs has been utilized. The product has been created to meet the requirements of municipalities and contractors, and it is used in numerous municipal projects to streamline operations, provide real-time situational awareness, and maintain a record of small markings.

Road marking software tools for contractors, authorities and consultants
For all road marking needs

For all road marking needs

The product has been developed to meet the needs of municipalities and their contractors. Used in various municipal projects to supervise operations, obtain real-time situational awareness, and maintain a road marking registry.
Device integrations in road maintenance contracts

Supportive integrations

Autori Field Tools provides a REST API interface that allows seamless integration with external IT systems.

Enriched by our experience in the needs of road marking design, project management, work supervision, and monitoring

Support in every turn

Autori Road marking has been enriched by our extensive experience in the needs of road marking design, project management, work supervision, and monitoring.

Road and street lighting

The users of Autori Road Lighting are the clients, supervisors, and contractors responsible for the outdoor lighting assets and their maintenance in municipalities or public institutions.

Autori Outdoor Lighting has been developed for owners of road lighting, such as municipalities, cities, and public institutions, as well as contractors responsible for the maintenance and upkeep of lighting systems

Power grid maintenance with Autori work-and asset management software tools
  • Autori Outdoor Lighting enables centralized and efficient management of lighting assets. Importing the existing registry into the service and/or conducting an inventory of lighting assets in the field is straightforward.

  • Operations are streamlined when fault observations and detailed information on maintenance actions are tied to specific locations and easily accessible in the field. Recording fault observations and creating work orders based on them is really simple.

  • Quality assurance is enhanced through optimized forms for central inspections, grounding measurements, and pole inspections. The routes and lengths of maintenance rounds conducted using the Route Collection feature can also be easily stored in the service.

Why Autori Field Tools?

Using real-time data, Autori Field Tools helps contractors, authorities, and consultants gain a better understanding of the condition of roads, streets, and other property information. This prevents erroneous interpretations and creates added value for infrastructure maintenance and asset management.

Using real-time data, Autori Field Tools helps contractors, authorities, and consultants gain a better understanding of the condition of roads, streets, and other property information

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  • Wants to visualize remote assets and plan maintenance
  • Needs to manage and utilize 360 and 2D imagery


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