Power grid maintenance

Ease of use for monitoring and reporting status.

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Software for both office and field work

Autori Power Grid Maintenance service offers a versatile toolkit for the maintenance of power distribution networks, facilitating seamless collaboration between electricity network companies and contractors. The network company transmits fault information to the contractor's Autori platform, which then automatically transfers the work order to the assigned technician.

By utilizing a mobile application, the completed task is acknowledged and the information is seamlessly relayed back to the power network company. The data service compiles all necessary information for invoicing, transfers it to accounting and billing systems, and generates the required site reports as mandated by tax authorities.

Efficient work supervision

The software has been developed for more efficient work supervision in the maintenance of electric networks. This comprehensive solution includes a web service for managing orders, work supervision, approval of records, and invoicing in the office, as well as a mobile application for field work and reporting.

The automatic transmission of necessary information to the technician and real-time work supervision and monitoring significantly enhance the operations of contractors. Recording work units and hours in the field and transmitting information to end customers, hourly accounting, and invoicing in accordance with TIEKE standards streamline operations and expedite information flow. Tasks involving subcontracting are marked with the subcontractor performing the work, allowing the subcontractor to see the necessary task details and report completed work directly into the system.

Additionally, Autori Power Grid Maintenance offers various other functions to enhance contractor performance, such as maintaining price lists, customer, subcontractor, and personnel information, as well as managing site minutes, reports, and other documents.

Autori Electricity Maintenance has been developed for more efficient work supervision in the maintenance of electrical networks

Why Autori Field Tools?

Using real-time data, Autori Field Tools helps contractors, authorities, and consultants gain a better understanding of the status of roads, streets, and other property information. This prevents inaccurate interpretations and adds value to infrastructure maintenance and asset management.

Autori Vista gives the power of image when an illustrative view is needed

Services for asset management challenges

The Autori platform enhances the efficiency of asset management. By visualizing your infrastructure on your screen, Autori enables quality assurance, inventory management, and workflow control.

Autori Vista in use

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  • Needs smart solutions for real-time situation awareness in street and road maintenance
  • Wants to visualize remote assets and plan maintenance
  • Needs to manage and utilize 360 and 2D imagery

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