By Autori on December 27, 2023

Autori has been granted the Strongest in Finland sertificate

Strongest in Finland-certificate tells about the company's positive financial indicators, creditworthiness, background information and good payment behavior. The certificate is a sign that our operations are on a sustainable basis.


Companies that have received the certificate are financially stable companies that support and stabilize Finland's economic life. It is good to build on this foundation and develop further. The certificate says that we are a reliable partner and you can cooperate with us without any worries.

We invest in quality and, as an international company, we want to be part of Finland's sustainable and strong growth. Only 3% of all Finnish companies are entitled to the Platinum certificate. It is awarded to companies that have met the strict conditions to qualify for the certificate and the Rating Alfa credit rating. The certificate is a sign of a well-managed company and solid foundation for an international growth.


Supports MIELI Ry's activities

Strongest in Finland and Suomen Asiakastieto Ltd. are supporting MIELI Ry's activities in 2023 by donating 4 euros (€) from each ordered Suomen Vahvimmat certificate to mental health work and crisis relief. The need for children and teens support for mental health has increased since the COVID-pandemic and the war in Ukraine. Exhaustion can be seen in everyday life and help is needed more than ever.

Strongest in Finland platinum certificate

If you have any questions, feel free to contact us!

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Published by Autori December 27, 2023