By Autori on November 30, 2023

Autori in Puerto Rico | Autori

Our client, World Travel in 360, in collaboration with Federico “Kiko” Debetto, Dimitar Kunev and his team, have successfully completed another remarkable project in Puerto Rico. They have mapped the islands of Culebra and Vieques, making them available on Google Maps and Mapillary. The successful completion of this kind of project was partially made possible using Autori's project management tools for photography.

Using Autori Field Tools in 360-photographing projects

Field Tools has a proven track-record in different kind of projects and contracts from 360-photography to winter road maintenance. There are several features aiming to make the work as efficient as possible.

  • Route planning: create premade routes and mark them done after completion

  • Real-time dashboards: create dashboards to track updates from the field in real-time

  • Work management: assign work, create work orders, real-time tracking

  • Creating registrations: report any deviations during a planned route

    And much more!


Autori app used for work management and planning 360-camera project in Puerto Rico

Autori app in use in Puerto Rico. The premade routes (in red) provide the information you need on the go. The Android app works on both mobile phones and tablets.


From office to the field

We offer dedicated services for both planning and field work. A dedicated web app is usually used during the whole project, while the mobile app is used mainly in the field. The web app enables you to create, oversee and manage projects and individual tasks, whereas the mobile app is there for making observations on the go, mark work as done and such work related activies which can be customized for each case.

In addition of Field Tools, our powerful image viewing service Vista is an ideal service for leveraging 2D and 360-degree images in asset and infrastructure management. What sets Autori apart is its seamless integration between Field Tools and Vista, enabling agile task management with the utilization of images.


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Images by Federico Debetto.

Published by Autori November 30, 2023