Effective field tools for road and street maintenance

Roads & Streets

Effective field tools for road and street maintenance

Asset management with Field Tools solution for critical infrastructure

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Asset management field tools for critical infrastructure

Image enabled infrastructure management

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Image enabled infrastructure management

Our customers – most important source for innovation

Customer stories Cleanosol
"With the help of Autori our operations are more straightforward and efficient. The work becomes more meaningful.

The functionalities of Autori and the integrations with other IT-systems have been developed based on the contractors needs and the end-users requirements. Autori makes work planning and reporting more efficient.

We can concentrate on the actual work as the functionalities of Autori are easy to use and as the information is transmitted automatically between different systems."
Mika Launonen CEO, Cleanosol, Ltd.
Customer stories Peab Asfalt
"With Autori we are able to enhance patching work on road and street pavements significantly. Managing work orders, reporting and invoicing happens seamlessly in real time at the same time as managing own resources and invoice cycles are improved remarkably.
Our own operations are more efficient at the same time as we offer improved services to our customers. Autori offer our customers an own view for object planning and to follow progress in real time."
Juha Pohjola Peab Asfalt
Customer stories Eltel Networks Oy Infrapalvelut

"Ensuring the right people have access to the necessary information in the field, at the precise location, is a lifeline for our efficient operations.

Detailed information on lighting points and electrical panels, along with the recording of repairs and inspections using specially developed logging options, guarantee the preservation and up-to-dateness of crucial data. This is vital for us and, more importantly, for our client, the owner of the lighting system.

The challenges of missing initial data and the redundancy of multiple entries have been overcome with determined action and efficiency through the use of Autori."

Pekka Loitokari Eltel Networks, Ltd.
Customer stories Savon Kuljetus

"Using Autori, we excel in managing projects efficiently, thanks to our system that meticulously records all client-required actions using specially developed features.

By using address-based location tracking and linking entries directly to specific sites, we further streamline our operations. This approach allows us to focus on core activities and actual work, eliminating the need for filling out various papers or forms."

Heikki Knuutinen Maintenance, Savon Kuljetus

Solution for asset management

Autori platform makes asset management more effective. It helps to visualize your infrastructure on a screen enabling quality assurance, inventory and work flow management. 

Case Studies - How to make business with Autori?

Our customer relations are based on close partnerships, where common goals are continuous development
of services and operation models by utilizing latest software and devices whenever appropriate.


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